Top 10 Reasons to Work Out When You’d Rather Be Sleeping

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Huh! Just an FYI- My title looked weird, but it is Work Out – not workout.

I slept in this morning.  It was glorious.  My kids didn’t wake up in the middle of the night at all…I planned the sleep though. I didn’t set the alarm, and I knew that sleep  was really needed. I was close to falling asleep at the wheel more than once this week, was getting snippy with the kids more, and just generally felt like I was getting worn out.

Sleep is sometimes the best for you mentally and physically. Totally underrated.

Sleeping is underrated

Sleep is sooooo underrated.

I could sleep in every day.  I would love, love, love to sleep in.  But for lots of reasons I cannot. Kids and their school, my work, my husbands work, and nature being loud and bright through my windows, keep me up early.

It is sometimes hard to motivate to exercise early, rather than sleep, but when I wake up and move, I feel so much better, and most days, it is the best thing for me.

Here are 10 reasons why waking up and moving your body is a good idea- if you need some extra motivation:

      1. You will feel like a beast.  Once you are done, you will feel so glad that you were able to rise to the occasion and do something good for yourself.
      2. You can eat that pie for breakfast.  Well, not all the time.  But if you want to eat more of the goodies, you will have to make a concession on the other end so you don’t gain weight.
      3. You will be doing your body good.  It is good for your blood, skin, eyes, mind, hormones, and on. Working out is good for your body.
      4. Working out will make you fit into your clothes better.  I hate when I can’t wear clothes that are in my closet; can’t button without lifting my belly out and over the top of my pants…Truth.  That  kind of stinks.
      5. You are a role model for your kids.  By seeing you take care of yourself, shows them that exercise is important to you.
      6. You will clench your teeth or stress-out so much less. Exercise is a stress buster.
      7. You might catch a good sunrise.
      8. Being the first to wake up, gets you some ALONE time. It is early. But you are alone.  That is rare in my house!
      9. Endorphines from your workout will carry over making you a happier person in all areas of your life.
      10. Accountability.  If you work out with other people, you are showing up, being accountable and making them accountable for doing something good for yourselves.  Having work-out buddies is a great motivator, and also, just fun!

Overall, I feel like I am doing something every day for ME (mom inspiration!) if I workout.  Because of my schedule, I have to do it early in the morning, or else it may or may not happen.  If I run outside, I don’t like to go alone in the early morning, so I will make changes and run during the day if I am not running with someone.  I make allowances for how I feel- like tired or sick- or what I want to do for a workout, but usually if I plan ahead, like the night before, I feel less guilty or sad about sleeping through a workout and can actually enjoy the sleep, instead of feel bad about it!

I think feeling bad about not working out, is doing the exact opposite of at least 5 of these 10 things.  Most of the reasons for why I work out are because I like the way I feel while and after I am doing it. It makes me happy.  If I am not enjoying part of it- including the resting- because of guilt, then it needs to change up a bit.  Mornings aren’t for everyone. If you just can’t get up and out of bed in the morning…I get it.  I literally crave sleep. Right now, in fact! So pick another good time, or a person to work out with, to find where exercise will fit into your daily schedule.  Like most things, I have to plan for it, or it may not happen; And now,  I have at least 10 good reasons to wake up tomorrow and exercise!

Wake Up  & Run

What motivates you to work out, when you really don’t feel like it?

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    LET’S ALL HAVE A BIRTHDAY! I miss you like crazy. Reading this blog, listening to you speak your words in my head – it’s awesome – but I need more in-person time!! Love you babe.

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