“Top” 5 Movies For Family Movie Night

Top 5 kids movies in my house

In my perfect world, I wouldn’t probably even have a tv. Honestly. I am married to someone who keeps it on, when he’s not even in the room. He is a tv lover. I like a lot of shows, but I can’t do the noise all the time. But, the fact is that I really like to snuggle in on a Friday night with all the kids all over the living room and watch a good movie.Add some popcorn and cocoa and you have a nice little family night.

Now as far as what we watch, it is best if we all like it, but sometimes we take turns choosing. Whether I like them or not, these are the top 5 movies in my house these days:

Veggie Tales, Noah’s Umbrella
Boys choice. This used to be the movie that without fail would put my twins to sleep…so we watched it a lot! However, now that the boys are getting a bit older, it keeps them interested for quite a while. There is lots of actions, and an overall message to “do what you know is right.” I like the message, even if I am not crazy for the hit you over the head bible theme.

Barbie in the Pink Shoes
Girls choice. Now, you may feel strongly for or against Barbie. I know this, as I grew up without any Barbies, save for the Donna and Marie Osmond dolls my grandma got us! That said, I actually don’t mind these movies. My girls are crazy for them and compared to some other movies I like that the “bad” guy characters aren’t scary. The messages are very pro-girl and can-do type of thing, even when the handsome boys are ever present.

Monsters University
Love it. Makes my twins laugh out loud, over and over. This is an awesome movie, and much less scary than Monsters Inc.

The Incredibles
A great family movie. It does slow down a bit, so the younger ones get a bit bored half way through, but my husband and I can stay awake during this one.

Spy Kids (any of the series)
I like a couple of these, and usually they aren’t too scary, which is a concern even for the bigger kids. They are real people, as opposed to a cartoon, so I have to preface it for the boys, with it being “pretend” and this is not real kind of reminder.