Top Tips to Plan a “Minions” Birthday for Twins

Top Tips to Plan a Minions Party for Twins | Hardly A GoddessDo your kids love the Minions? Do you love them? Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute? I love them. I am sick of all the kid movies that are so heavy-hearted and not kid-oriented in their storylines. The Minions and Despicable Me 1 &2,(from Universal Studio’s, Illumination Pictures) were such happy, happy kid movies. Love them. Kid movies are not for every one, I know this, and I am not going on a romantic holiday with the husband and going to theme it out with Minions or anything (sheeesh!),  but for the kids, people…It’s adorable and it’s all for the kids.

So if you have read this blog, you know that I hosted a Disney Descendants party at my house for about 500 eight-year-old girls. Well, it felt and probably sounded like 500! It was really only 20 or so, but it was so fun and the girls loved all the themed-out decor, and activities. This time around, I was celebrating for the twins’ birthdays. So twice as many friends, presents, and fun for everyone. I have some tips that I learned from my previous experiences, that are sure to help in your own planning. Warning: Some of this is a bit, tongue-in-cheek, so if I sound crazy, I am probably just teasing a bit!

TOP TIPS for a TWINS Birthday Party

#1. Have the party at a party place. Awwww. Did you think I would have it at my own house?! 20 six year olds, most of them boys, in the winter?! Noooooo. I am not that crazy!

#2. Have the party be an active one. Those little kids need to shake out the energy, and move!  After lots of discussion, we had it at the Y. I loved it. But more importantly, the kids loved it. they ran around and got sweaty, then ate sugar, then ran around again. I did NOT have to send kids home in the midst of a sugar rush! Your welcome parents!

#3. Buy more food than you think you’ll need. Kids actually eat a lot. Especially when they are active. But with little kids, even if it is a drop-off party (and I tried to tell them it was!), some parents and their kids, want the parent to stay. So you need to factor in food for all of those people too, or possible siblings that came along for the ride! For twins, I make each one feel like they have a say in the cake choice too. I have a vanilla lover, and a chocolate one, so I make both. With cupcakes it was easy, so I didn’t have to make 2 cakes!

#4. Ask about any food allergies BEFORE the party. Snacks like fishies are fine for peanut allergies…but not great for a gluten allergy! It’s not a great idea to give trail-mix with peanuts for an option in general, as you never can be too sure of allergies, but ask. I had some snacks that were gluten and peanut free available at our party, but didn’t know about the gluten allergy until afterwards…I offered pizza and lots of gluten-full snacks. The mom was so smart and brought her own little cupcake for the child to enjoy, but I would have liked to have offered more options for him- so ask before the party!

#5. Buy bottled waters and bring a SHARPIE! I can’t stand when my kids get those pouches at a party.  Why? They are already getting sugar in the cake, possible ice-cream, and then the favors. They come home with a belly ache and diarrea. Water is what they all want after running around anyway, and the sharpie works to write their names on the bottles. I wrap the bottles in cute scrapbook paper and clear packing tape to make them match the theme:

water bottles for minions party | Hardly A Goddess

#6. Have more than enough goody-bags. Siblings come. People don’t RSVP. They don’t. People are busy and may forget to let you know they are coming…and bringing all 5 of their kids…So make extra goody bags, because as much as you want to be mad at that parent…It’s all for the kids! I did cups filled with gum, a ring pop, and some minion themed things:

Goody Bags for minions party | Hardly A Goddess

#7. Have fun! The kids know when you are having a good time, so try to enjoy it! You have planned this party, so let yourself relax. You may decide that you’d rather have the next party at home, but enjoy the fact that the party venue that you choose gets to clean it all up!  With a little planning, but little effort, you can have a very fun and adorable party that the kids will BirthdayFun | Hardly A Goddess

Specifics For a Minions Themed Party:

Dollar Tree Plates, Napkins, and Mylar balloons: $10.
Favors: I-Party and Dollar Tree: $20.
Cupcake Mix, yellow and chocolate, twinkies: $5.
Frosting ingredients, cake decor: $8.
Waters, snacks: $12
Pizza (ask them the best deal and then have them cut the pizza into 16 slices- these are perfect for kid’s sizes and it doubles the portion!): $30
TOTAL Additional cost to party-place: $85

The Y was pretty reasonable for a party place, but I know that they are super expensive. We are limited in March with an inside venue so this was perfect for our needs.

The Cupcakes:

Aren’t these the cutest!? I love Pinterest for my ideas, but honestly, after my cake-balls fiasco, I have smartened up and am careful not to get sucked in by the cuteness factor! If it sounds easy enough on Pinterest, it probably is twice as hard. These were easy though. If you can squeeze frosting from a Cake decorating tip, you can do this. My idea is NOT original- I was totally inspired by this Pin on Pinterest and went from there!

If you can buy these little eyes from a craft store or grocery store that sells cake decorating things, you are good to go!

Making Minions | Hardly A Goddess

Then you just make an assembly line of twinkies, cut in half and lined up on a pan covered in wax paper. Create the minion face and then I put them on top of the newly frosted cupcakes before it set. Done.

MakingMinions2 | Hardly A Goddess

That’s it! Beedoe! Have a great next party!

MakingMinions | Hardly A Goddess

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