Training Week 10

Higdon Half Plan

From Hal Higdon training website

OMG. I am in week 10. I thought it was week 9. Getting real people. I am excited and scared at the same time. Also kinda sad that my husband and girls won’t be there, but I have to be okay with it, or I just won’t do it.

So week 10. Welcome.

This is the Novice 2 Program, reconfigured to make it so my race day is on a Thursday, which it is. This means my weeks will start at Friday and end on Thursday…which they kind of do anyway with my crazy work schedule, so this will work I think.

In caps is done:

FRI- Rest
SAT- Rest
SUN – 4 miles steady
Monday- 3 miles at pace
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday 11 mi. run
Thursday – cross (maybe bike, or class at the Y?)

So this is different. I have a plan. I will stick to said plan. There… it is on the internet, and now I have to keep my promise!

Wondering if I should get new sneakers now. It is awfully close to my race, so I am not sure if it would affect my running. If anyone has a suggestion I welcome you to reply to this post! That an any suggestions on eating before the race. It is later in the day, so I have all day to eat…or get my system going. Good and bad, huh?!