Try For More Happiness

So I signed up for emails from one person, and it linked to emails from like 10 people- which usually would irk me, but I this one author/doctor/emailer. Her name is Dr. Sara Gottfried, and she sent out this email, asking readers to focus on a new short-term project: instead of just saying, what you are thankful for at the start or end of your day, try to write three things that went well at the end of the day. How hard could this be? i can think of a ton of good things about today, and it wasn’t an especially “good” one!

According to Dr. Sara Gottfiried, if I do this, my happiness will improve for up to 6 Months. I am in! Happiness=energy. And I need it. I got sh-t to do! Ooh, almost forgot; best part is that the process also requires that you write one thing to stop doing. Easy: Yelling at my kids. Win-Ning!
But, What went well? Or, do you mean, how I done good? Either way, I have 3 things for today:

  • Not yelling when I easily could have
  • Reading to my kids

  • Dinner was yummy( and so was breakfast)

    I could go on, but, that would be bragging. I will try this for a week- Stay tuned!