Twins Birthday! Celebrating 5 Happy Years!

twin birthday Twins are awesome.

They wake up every morning looking for each other, and always have their brother’s back.

In the beginning, when we didn’t know which twin was which (It is true! And common with identical twins- I am not a terrible mother!) we painted their toenails a different color.  In the hospital, we had little A and B caps on them to tell them apart, but as soon as we took one off, we were totally lost.

People are still constantly getting them mixed up, and we are too, if we aren’t careful.  But it has been so fun to see their individual personalities grow, and watch them become their own people.

If you can’t tell from my stellar pics, we had a NinjaTurtle theme, if you can call napkins and a cake decorated like Ninja Turtles, a “theme”-

ninja turtle cake

…and we went bowling:

boys bowling

This was the first real friend-party for them, and we still kept it small with their cousins and just three other friends there- Needless to say, they had a blast and loved their party and the attention all on them.

5 years later, if mistaken for his twin, one boy will tell you EXACTLY which twin he is!  They fight just like all the kids do- but they always have their best friend at an arms length to play with…They are truly a wonderful pair who keep us on our toes, and we are so happy for our little buddies.  Happy Birthday guys!

twin jam

Twin Jam