Ultimate Coffee Chat: September

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Like that picture? It’s from last year! I have been sharing my coffee-chats for over a year now and you have been telling me how much you like the general-style updates. So I am keeping it up- maybe late and maybe boring, but I am also keeping it real!

Here’s what I would tell you if you and I were sitting on my porch sipping our hot bevvies!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you: It’s freaking cold out here!

I love Fall!

Fall came fast huh? I am so glad since I LOVE fall. All things fall. The weather, the running weather, the smells, the decrease in bugs, the increase in routine, school starting, football stuff, soccer stuff, cozy things all around me like sweatshirts and blankets…I can go on! It goes without too much emphasis then, that I love pumpkin and apple everything! YES. Fall is my guy. I know it’s not quite leaf-jumping weather yet, but I couldn’t resist this picture- the boys were so little! Time is a-flying! Welcome to Fall my friends!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you: I love Fall for running.

Rolling to run

Now, I spoke about running weather. It is p-e-r-f-e-c-t here right now. Cool enough so I don’t run out of steam just because I am baking in the sun, and warm enough that I am not even layering yet. Perfect! Remember last month, I said I needed new sneakers? Well I still don’t have them and I am going okay- I can only think how great it will feel once I actually have some cushion on these feet! I am squishing an 18 week training plan into just 8 weeks (yes, I have a sense that I will tweak my planned runs quite a bit!) I mostly just use a plan so I can have an idea of what I should be running to be ready, but I don’t stay to it hard and fast if I am reducing the time like this- not if I don’t want to be hurt anyway! Do you use a plan for your racing or running? I’d love to know so share- please!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you: I just finished a great book 

…which I will review in depth later this week on the blog, but it is so relevant for NOW. It’s this one:

In a quick snippet: It’s about four Russian late-thirty somethings who met in Russia but all live in NYC now. It revolves around a questions of our virtual lives- how we actually live in real life versus on Facebook or social media in general. Sounds boring, but to care about the book means to be invested in the characters- and I was. They are well thought out and interesting to me, as a window of what it is like for them as immigrants in the United States, but also how we share the commonality of the absurdity of online-lives. Pretty interesting, right? Stay tuned for a full review.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you: That’s all really.

Oh! Wait! I forgot too- I have been re-painting my upstairs bathroom!

Repainting this ugly thing!

Look at this beast! So ugly- but so useful. I will have to do a post on that too- I painted the cabinets (this times-two) and walls, and actually some of the hardware too- some of the paint they have now is awesome! It has awoken (waked?- what is the word for this?) in me both a love of painting and hate of it. I am not sure yet  how I feel. It is making the rest of my house look perfectly awful though, so I need to get cracka-lackin’ and paint the rest of it! Good thing I am STILL not working right?! Ha! Gotta look on the bright side my friends, keeping it sunny!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I loved sharing my porch with you this month!

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17 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Chat: September

  1. HoHo Runs

    I’m really looking forward to the “less bugs” season. The mosquitoes have been AWFUL this summer. There is so much that’s needs re-doing in my house. One thing leads to another and another…so it feels a little overwhelming. I think I should move and start over. LOL

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    I’m excited for fall, too, in that I’ll finally be able to run again. But, my disclaimer, is that I’m not ready for the suddenly cold temps we have in Iowa. Of course, if I was running, the temps would be heavenly…but I’m still just a walking, and those low 50’s are a bit chilly. I’m an art geek, so I love all things painting (except the clean-up). We’ve been in our house 15 years, and all of the floor boards were a cream color…I meticulously painted all of them white…which also meant painting all of the window and door trim as well. The hubby thought I was being too anal about it…but the crisp white really made a difference. Now…I’m about ready to repaint some of the rooms…. it never ends LOL

    1. hardlyagoddess@gmail.com Post author

      omg Kimberly! That is a TON of work! ALL of our trim is natural wood and I would absolutely love to have it all bright white- but ….this is on the backburner as it is a huge undertaking with the windows, trim, and baseboards, and doors- I may just decide to move by then!!

  3. Marisa Vrooman

    I love your coffee chats – most especially because it reminds me of the times when we have ACTUALLY been able to sit over coffee and chat. Oh lord I miss those moments. Because I miss you and I miss those kids and husband of yours too! And… I love you!

  4. Clarinda

    I’m looking forward to fall, too. But cooler temps are probably at least a few weeks away, and then temps you’re talking about probably won’t come until Nov. Currently, we’re still hitting triple digits. I love summer and the heat, but I’m ready to move on to fall. 🙂

  5. Marcia

    I love the long days of summer but I agree with you: Fall is the finest of the seasons. I love how it’s cooling down at night now! Can’t wait to see how the bathroom turned out! Yes, I diffuse the essential oils. Makes everything smell relaxing and wonderful!

  6. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    I’m so ready for the fall! Definitely one of my favorite times of the year, and it’s perfect running weather! I’ve been working with Laura from This Runner’s Recipe as a running coach, she has been amazing!

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