Ultimate Coffee Date: July 4th!

I loved chatting with you all last month for the link-up with other bloggers at Ultimate Coffee Date LinkUp, doing a coffee-talk type post to share randomness on the first Saturday of the month…and coffee is so much more YUM when we have it together: this month it’s on July 4th!

coffee date

So, If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell youI can’t believe it is another month- July of all things! That is 6 months into the year. Also half-way through my supposed goals, and 1 month from a half-marathon, and 3 1/2 months until my marathon.  Seriously. I am sososo not ready, mentally or physically , but I am determined to get there.

So, the second thing I’d tell you is that I am shopping around for running shoes. My last ones were my first time wearing Nike’s and first time getting evaluated by a running store to see what shoes I actually needed based on my running gait. It was interesting to say the least, and they actually gave my shoes arch supports, which I have since taken out, but I think they really helped.  That was last August…I have been running in the same darn shoes all year!running shoes

Seriously. Almost a year in these things.  Please send me free new shoes to review. Teehee.  {That is my hope of course!}

My other mind-blow, is that my oldest is turning 10 {sigh}.  She was the baby, you know.  At one time- yes a very long time, ago- she was my baby.  IMG_0046

Love this smile. Now she is getting so old…and funny, and beautiful, and smart, and fresh, and other the other stuff that goes along with being a double-digit girl in this world!  I know that when she was so little, other moms of older kids would tell me how fast it all goes…but when you have little ones, it really doesn’t always go fast, right? Sometimes it goes reallllllly slooow! I never in a million years thought I would say this, but time is literally flying by and I am trying very hard to remember this, and to enjoy how little and fun (and loud!) these crazy days are with my 4 kids under 10!

Aghhhh. Are you enjoying the summer and this lovely weather? I love the winter..and the fall…but summer is so nice right now: Everything is blooming, the kids are outside constantly, the neighborhood is humming with activity, and the bikes are ready to go.  I am loving this. I am so glad to have some of these days, beautiful or rainy, with my family and friends and myself- just enjoying the sun. Soaking it up. The busy-go-go pace is still going on because we still have a million activities we are committed to, but this will end soon, and we can hopefully have some beach time, and lazy days.beach dayThank you for having coffee and this little chat~ I hope you have a wonderful July 4th celebration!