Ultimate Coffee: October’s Coffee Chat

ultimate coffeeGood Morning Ladies~

If you remember, Ultimate Coffee is where I and some other fun blogs, all write and talk as if it’s 1952 and life is slow, and there is no soccer practice to race off to…as if you had nothing better to do than to come by and visit and sit for a while… as if you were right here, with me this morning just sitting around having a little chat in my porch chairs, sipping on our favorite morning-brews…What a nice thing, this ultimate coffee chat!

If you were here with me, I would share with you that

I am on a road trip to central New York, with the boys.  My dear heart, it is a long ride, but with my coffee and my boys, it is made fun and easy! They are good company for the most part, and if I keep them occupied, they are happy as ever {read: bribes of donuts!}.  Mother-of-the-Year!  If I am lucky, I will have timed it, that I actually WILL share coffee with some of you…eeeeee!

If you were here with me, I would share with you that…

I am going to a family memorial for the father of a dear friend- Here is someone who will be remembered forever in my heart, and many, many others’ hearts as a person who helped raise them. Not that we were all in need of extra hands to raise us- but in a small town, the parents of my friends, whose homes I would hang-out in for days on end- and their kids at my house for the same…the parents all took care of each other’s kids.  You couldn’t get away with much…{but we did} with so many parents looking after us.  This man, was a staple in my life since I was in kindergarten…So I will be there. Memorializing. Remembering how much he will be missed.

If you were here with me, I would share with you that…

It takes a village- what I am learning it that this is so true- just make sure all the weirdos and freaks are not in your village. Make it your own. You have to create your village. Nurture those relationships that you WANT and surround yourself with parents that you think share your values. I am not interested in couples night out- that might be where you still see your friend who does ice-luges while doing a cartwheel and smokes his face off. I am talking about who your kids see on the daily and who they see other than you as an adult role model.  I let my kids know exactly who I love. Who I cherish. So they understand what and who I value. Then, I can feel supported knowing my kids have other trusted adults to guide them in this crazy life. And it is pretty crazy. And wonderful.

If you were here with me, I would share with you that…

I am feeling grateful. Blessed to have my friends. Blessed to be the mommy to my kids. Blessed for my life. Thank you for sharing with me, my friends. Have a wonderful weekend~