Vacations Are Good… Vacations Are Bad.

At some point on my vacation last week, I said to my friend, “I can’t wait to get back to eating better, and having a schedule. All this eating, drinking, and having fun is hard work!”

Now, that I am home, why I said that is completely beyond me. I love the unscheduled of a day, left to cook what I wanted, exercise if I felt like it, find fun things to do with the kids, come off the beach when we were left in the dark.

And here we are one week away from school starting for the kids, and I am back at work. Wondering why I missed this routine at all.

Here’s my problem now: I can’t stop the vacation. Not all at once anyway. I reigned in on laundry and updating calendars for next week. I reigned in on bedtimes a little – atleast not as late as vacation week, where the twins were asking to go to bed! I started the routines, of ritual that make our house function in a more peaceful way. I planned for dinners for the week, and prepped them the night before, as well as bought ahead some items for next week’s lunch boxes. The mental “Get up and go” that I have usually is just not up to par yet. I need to eat a bit better, and exercise more. Definitely sleep more. Get back on track for marathon training, or at the very least, decide if I am going to do it at all.

The pattern I don’t want to fall into is what many of us do: We keep to a rigid schedule and routine, so that we are able to get so much of our daily activities done, including showing up to work on time. So, by eating well Monday through Friday, we get to have some cake on the weekend idea. In essence this view says that by putting in our time, we get to take time off.
You maybe can sense that I don’t really live by this principle. I think everyday should be lived to the fullest, so I try to fit in fun every day for me, and my family. But by planning ahead and having some routine built in I can balance much better. The vacation just throws this all off by being all fun, no schedule. Don’t get me wrong; We did plan some meals and some activities, but the ball was in the court of what is fun now. I am all for vacation, but next time, I may have to do some work in-between!

How do you get back on track after a hiatus? Is it worth taking a break, when it is so mentally hard to focus back in? My goal is to fake it until I make it:

  • Buy the weekly/monthly planner.
  • Input all our activities for the Fall season (of which there are many, as the boys now do a sport).
  • Follow my marathon training plan.
  • Eat from our menu plan.

Geddy-up.  Vacation is OVER.