Waiting for a Marathon. The 26.2 Kind.

26.2 Coming Soon!

26.2 Coming Soon!

Week 17:  Rest ~ 4 m run ~ 6 m run ~ 3 m run ~ Rest ~ 2.5 PACE=Friday ~Cross
Week 18: Rest ~ 3 m run ~ 4 m run ~ 2 m run ~ Rest ~ Rest ~ Marathon= SUNDAY!

Since I missed week 17, everything but the 2.5 paced miles that I did Friday, I am a little bit worried.My knees are precariously healthy at best, and a cold set in my head on Sunday of last week. So I took off the 4 miles, the 6 miles, and the 3 miles…My hope is that rest is better than over-training and making my cold worse, and also my knee.

2.5 miles Friday followed by smaller runs next week, following this plan exactly is the physical training. The mental training is to register! I have put it off until now, wondering if I would really do it. Talk about a lack of faith. Being a mom first, and runner second (or really 5th or 6th on the priority list) I think I am a true realist, who is optimistic about most things! But this is truly a bucket list goal, and so I am prioritizing that one thing. Putting my own goals first on the morning of the 12th.

I am going to concentrate on doing a yoga for runners routine, using the roller every day, and eating well.

As far as eating the right things one week away from a big race, I think starting on Sunday, dinners will be bread and veggies and pastas and rice. Lessening fats and proteins and fibers 2-3 days out is probably a good idea. “lightening” the intestines to avoid any GI distress day of.   I worry about food too much before a race I think. I am worried if it will give me energy or sap it…if it will be too salty, or make me feel heavy. Avoiding salt, fat, dairy as a general rule is my usual routine, and I like the way it has worked so far. The fiber thing is trickier, as I love the veggies and beans, which give good carb and what I usually like, in the fiber department!

Two articles that I read on this:
Article 1- Carb Loading
Article 2 – What to Eat the Week of a Marathon

I have been not doing my protein shakes, and I might over the weekend and then stop on Monday. I always put lots of carbs in the shakes , so I may do them next week without the powder if at all. Oatmeal, pancakes, waffles…sounds fun to me!

My half-marathon was at night, out of state, so I drove 5 ½ hours stopping for a cereal bar and coffee at noon, and then two hours pre-race, I had some crackers and peanut butter and minestrone soup- which was salty. I think it was perfect. This race is super early in the morning, which I am certainly not used to running at this time, but I really like to, but I am worried about my GI situation, so I need to get up super early, eat a good breakfast and digest.  Drink a little coffee, and some water.

Now all that is left to do is wait. And Breathe.  And Relax. I need to remember to smile too.  Trying to enjoy the moment is hard work sometimes!

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