Want to Eat Healthier & Make it Easier?

You all know that I love meal planning, but I also think it is a lot of work! All that planning is tiresome and I often need inspiration not just from Pinterest, but also from other bloggers! I need someone else to do the work!

Enter, Healthy Eating Made Easy  a new E-course by one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica from Life as Mom…and YES- this is the same author of the book that I own and love, Good, Cheap, Eats. If you remember, way back when, I told you about this great new cookbook that I had just bought, and why I loved it, and since then I have dog-eared more than a few recipes that my family loves. And now, Jessica just launched this course full of tips, tricks, strategies, and recipes to help the average home cook eat well on a budget without a lot of hassle. Like no-hassle. She does most of the planning for you!!

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Healthy Eating Made Easy

I just bought herProtein Power Meal Plans, (not available right now) that included one month of dairy-free, gluten-free, protein packed recipes, a grocery list for each week, and lots of tips on making my menu planning go super easy and healthy for the month. So I knew this e-course would be nothing short of awesome too. It INCLUDES the Protein Power Meals Plan, which does all the meal-planning for you!!!!, but it also has a Healthy Eating Made Easy Workbook & a separate recipe book and video tutorials!

And the price is a short $27.

Can I just tell you, the workbook is full of printables that I want to have all year around- I just may make copies and stick them in my planner! There is a ton of goodies in there, but a couple of my faves:

  • Daily Checklist: which has a food-log of menus for the day, a water-to-drink spot, and exercise spot. I love this!
  • Weekly menu planner template
  • Month-long tracker for all your eating healthy goals
  • So much more!

I have to say, even if you are following another eating-clean type of program, this just checks off all the boxes for me: keeping organized is half the battle for any plan, and this has the recipes, checklists, and plans for you to stay on track!

If you need to stay motivated, organized and get great recipes that suit lots of healthy eating plans (Whole 30, Advocare, 21-Day Fix, Weight-Watchers), than Healthy Eating Made Easy is your guy!

CLICK HERE to buy!

Healthy Eating Made Easy

This post may contain affiliate links- see my full disclosure page.

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