WANTED: Safer Sunscreen


My family LOVES the beach.  We have only a few short months to enjoy the sun and sand in the NorthEast and our most common outing is hitting the beach for some sun, sand, and surf.  While I don’t grease up with baby-oil anymore (gross!), I do love to enjoy the warmth and fun as much as possible!

I took part in a Facebook chat last night about sunscreen without any chemicals that have endochrine disruptors in them- aka: Cancer causers.  It is beyond me, why when we use sunscreen to PREVENT skin cancer, we are using chemicals that may cause a different type of cancer.  Ridiculous.

Since there really isn’t a choice NOT to wear sunscreen for my mind, then the logical step is to find a sunscreen that is without all the crap that makes bad things happen to your hormones.  Since I consider myself pragmatic, and not really an alarmist in any way, I also want to find a sunscreen that I can order easily and is less expensive than some of the natural brands being touted as “the best”.  I can’t handle the best.  Or rather, my budget can’t. So…here we are.

My Librarian instinct for research is born- and my search for:

  1. Non-harmful sunscreen: Rates less than 4 on the Environmental Working Group, Skin Deep site.
  2.  Inexpensive: Less than $10 a tube.
  3. Easily found: drugstore or online.

It is ON.

Please(!) share comments on what brands you have loved that fit in any 2 of these 3 criteria.  I also want it to rub in well…looking like Casper the Ghost on the beach is going to kill that “glow” that I am going for!  I am hoping to test a couple out and find atleast 3 go-to brands for this summer!

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