We’ve Been Booed! A Fun Family Tradition

Ever have a night where you felt like the Energizer Bunny? Except with the cheap batteries?

Me too. I went from work, to a store for an exchange, to the gas station, to my 1 hour ride to  the soccer fields and picked up the boys. In the car, I immediately had to put them on silence…”Mother of the Year” can’t handle fighting in the back seat, so I make them stop talking, or they lose a privilege. And finally (silently) we arrived home.

Grumpy, but home, the boys raced out of the car, and up the steps, and then stopped.

What’s this?!

It’s a Boo-Bag!

we've been booed bag

The little guy inspecting his loot.

Ours looked a bit like a Booze-bag doesn’t it?! It was 2 bags full of Halloween treats for the kids, and a few cocktails for the parents! I love when I am included in the fun!


This is a super fun tradition in our neighborhood, and my kids love it. To do it, you need to first, open your fun bag of goodies, and hope the person included the Boo-sheet that tells you how to “Boo.”

boo bag

  • If you need a print-out, the one that I have used is HERE  (pictured above) and is super duper cute (along with lots of other cute things on her site), don’t you think? You cut it in half and put the “We’ve been booed” sign in your front window (to show other people that you already got some loot, and they should “Boo” someone else).

you've been booed

  • The next day (or 2) make 2 copies of the Boo-sheet and get treats for 2 houses, that haven’t been “Booed” yet. Try to keep it a secret, because that is half the fun…the not knowing who gave you all those goodies. We’ve had some chases over the years, but it is fun actually getting away without being caught!

If you have a lot of kids in your neighborhood- first, let me congratulate you.  That is fun. Second, let me just say, “try this.” This tradition doesn’t have to have candy or lots of crappy plastic toys if you don’t want it to- it is what you make it. I LOVE to re-gift my crappy plastic toys every year, however…so that someone else can use and love it as much as my kids seem to! Some other options:

  • Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Store-bought cookies
  • Window clings
  • Beer/Wine/Cider/Hotcocoa packets
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Trick-Or-Treat Bags
  • Craft kits
  • Halloween themed anything!

This literally made our night, WAY better than it started.  The boys stopped fighting.  We were all smiling.  A happy surprise for all of us, was just what we needed!

I hope you will try it too! Enjoy~


6 thoughts on “We’ve Been Booed! A Fun Family Tradition

  1. Victoria

    This was one of my favorite traditions growing up. The adults never got anything in our bags though! Glad to know I can still get in on the fun when I have my own tiny humans! 😉

    1. hardlyagoddess@gmail.com Post author

      I would do it even without the little people- you could start a fun halloween tradition for “just adults,” with cider, cocoa, boozey things if you wanted to, and seasonal beer or soda or pumpkin snacks- I think that would be fun too!

  2. Debbie Rodrigues

    That really sounds like fun.
    Halloween is not a big thing here, but we try to have sweets at home just in case. The only year we had absolutely nothing (we were painting our living room for the holiday), that kids came over.
    Lucky us they don’t do tricks. :O

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