What Should I Bring? 3 Tips & Go-to Appetizers for Your Next Party

3 Tips and go-to appetizersI have posted about this before but there are really just 3 tips for bringing an appetizer to a party. And without further ado, here they are!

3 tips for bringing an app to a party:

#1: Bring your own serving platter. Or serving pieces. Mark them with a piece of tape and your name on the bottom, so your host can return to you.

#2: Have it already warmed/heated or make something that doesn’t require heating. I like to either do room-temp heated apps, or something I can keep warm in a mini-crockpot. A third option is a dip- perfect to bring with healthy cut veggies, or some fresh fruit.

#3. Make or bring it, only if asked. Keep in mind that your host might want to leave the guests wanting more…like the nice meal she has planned the night for. If someone brings an appetizer that is too filling, then no one wants the dinner your host has made! Ask.

Now, with that said, I have 3 tried and true recipes to enjoy and impress at your next party!

Cranberry Salsacranberry salsa with cream cheese

I just love this dip. It is always so pretty and the flavors are unexpected- people always are surprised at this dip and how good it is! And if you are bringing somewhere, you don’t have to reheat anything- this is a no-cook recipe. Which is key, if your host has an oven full of other food, or you feel weird about asking to heat your dish. It’s always good to bring an easy to serve appetizer like this one. I recommend serving it with a sturdy cracker.

Teriaki Bitesteriaki kielbasa bites

These are great if you have a mini-crockpot server that you can bring to the party. Bring some toothpicks too, so guests can serve themselves. These still taste good when they cool to room temperature, so they get eaten throughout the party every time!

Manchego & Chorizo Tapas with Saffron Aliolimanchego and chorizo with saffron aioli

Meat and cheese bites with a kick of garlic. So delicious! This is a great appetizer to bring already assembled or with the toothpicks on the side, and let guests dip themselves. The alioli is so good, so don’t leave that part out!

What do you think? What is your favorite appetizer to bring to a party? Is it always a dip? Or a hot app? 






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