What to Eat Pre-Race?

Carbo Load?

Carbo Load? Bagels or Sandwiches? Banana or Protein Shake?

Today, my biggest problem (I hope, so far the day is young!) is what to eat the day before the half marathon race? My race is in the evening too, so any information that I find out about that relates to a morning run, kind of doesn’t apply.

In my case I am going to bed semi-early tonight and waking up to drive 5 hours with the kids to my parents, who then will tailgate with me to the race start. Not exactly perfect conditions, but a real-life scenario for most moms, I imagine, and not the worst situation, barring any weather or stomach issues.
If all goes well, I will be injury free, gastrically okay, and walking without a limp!
Now, what to eat.  I read a few articles:
What to Eat Before My Race?, Runner’s World-
The Best Foods…, Livestrong
The summary from them all seems to be, don’t mess with what you have been doing too much:
  • ·         Don’t introduce new foods.
  • ·         Don’t avoid your normal routine of coffee, but don’t overdo it.
  • ·         Stop drinking 30 minutes prior to the race.
  • ·         Don’t go crazy trying to carbo-load.
  • ·         Eat early the night before to give your body time to digest.
  • ·         Day of, eat a complex carb situation for fuel.
  • ·         Avoid dairy the night before and day of (to avoid distress).
  • ·         Avoid greasy food the week of the race.
I can do this.  Today’s lunch packed and brimming is oatmeal with raisins and blueberries, leftover chicken breast, zucchini bread, water, banana.  For dinner, I am planning chicken legs on the grill and steamed broccoli.  The trick is to get it on the grill early, as we tend to eat on the late side.  I would prefer for sure to be done eating by 8, so I can fully digest and then wake up not feeling gross before my long drive.
Tomorrows plan is cereal with almond milk, coffee for the morning, a packed sandwich for lunch, snack on nuts, water and a protein shake an hour and a half before the race: 4:00. Pack mini-raisins for the race fuel.
Wish me… and my gut… and my knees, good luck!