What’s On Your Nightstand? April Edition

What's On Your Nightstand? April | Hardly A Goddess

Let’s talk about books!

I was hoping this series of “What’s On Your Nightstand,” every 4th Tuesday of the month (see? I am late even for this…again!) would keep me accountable or at least give an account of what I have actually read but also be a motivation to read more. And it is! I have been reading a ton for me, this 2016, and I think it is improving my happiness overall. I am doing something that I love…just for me! If you love reading too, I am so glad for you. It is cheap, healthy, smart fun! Let’s share! Tell me in the comments what you are reading! I love talking book.

Books reading in April:

Girls’ Weekend, Cara Sue Achterberg (Publication Date May 3rd!)
I had the great luck of getting to read this fun book ahead of publication (Thank you publishers!)  about three mom-friends “facing forty” who go away for a girls’ weekend and decide they can’t return to the life they’ve been living for separate reasons. Part beach read, part chick-lit, part just perfect for anyone who has contemplated over dreams deferred, our identity after children, and our choices in life. It was a book that I didn’t plan on reading, but then I got into it quickly, and couldn’t stop! I could identify with the character’s stories and the tone of the book was light and fun to read.  You can read more about the author and this book on the author websiteHighly recommend.

The Golem and the Jinni, Helene Wecker
Literally ON the nightstand, this is one that I haven’t even turned to page 1 yet…we shall see. It is a fantasy book that comes highly recommended both personally and on GoodReads. We shall see!

Girls and Sex, Peggy Orenstein
Just starting this one, and to be honest, I know the title. Ugh. And the entire concept. Ugh. Heavy duty reading that every mother of tweens entering public school needs to at the very least be aware of. I am a mom to 2 girls and 2 boys. I need to know  this information no matter how shocking or painful it is to read. What is nice, is that Peggy Orenstein writes without judgement, and with insight, and is less academic, and more person, as she writes. It pulls you right in, without resorting to shock and awe. I read her, Cinderella Ate My Daughter book, and I like her writing style and feminist voice. Not for everyone. But a “yes” for me.

Books Listened to in April:

Wicked, Gregory Maguire
This is an anti-hero type of book, where the “bad one” gets her story told. I love it. I love this type of back-story that is the reveal about “more than meets the eye” type of characters. I loved explaining it to my daughters, and how much I like these type of stories that I think are more popular now with movies like “Malificient” that show that people are not just good or bad, but have experiences and stories that shape who they are. I am looking forward to reading more of this author and the series that keeps the story going! Definitely recommend this, in audio!

Year of YES, Shonda Rhimes
I am still listening to this one. Honestly, it was a tough transition from Wicked. This is a non-fiction memoir, read by the author, and I am mid, disk-4 hoping that I still like her by the end. The beauty of this book and the draw for me, is Shonda herself, as a powerful-go-getting woman, and Feminist for our current time.  She is young, smart, and her tone in the book is pretty darn funny. I will keep going, because I have a feeling that I will end up liking her more as it goes on and no doubt feeling a little inspired to be bad-ass as she so clearly is. Recommend.

What’s on YOUR nightstand? Comment below to share– I am not a book snob, clearly, so bring it on! I love hearing what’s out there: good, bad or ugly!

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6 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand? April Edition

  1. ibeeeg

    I have heard fabulously things about The Golem and the Jinni. It is sitting on my ebook shelf, it’s been there a while. I need to read it to see if all the great things said hold water. But I’m not gravitating to it, for some reason. I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading and have a Happy May. 🙂

  2. sjbraun

    I read Cinderella Ate My Daughter years ago (I have 3 girls) — I should check into her new book. Girls’ Weekend does sound like it would be hard to put down! I agree with your thoughts on reading, and am amazed when someone tells me they never read. It’s such a wonderful escape!

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