What’s On Your Nightstand: Catch-Up Edition

I know, I know! I normally post this series at the end of the month, but I have some goodies to share and a slew ahead of me on the nightstand, so I must give you the deats before I move on!

Here are my 3 great reads from August until now:

Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strout
This is one of my new favorite books- because of Olive Kitteridge, the character, herself. So perfectly shaped, I liked her, identified with her, she made me uncomfortable, I disagreed with her, I thought her perfect, or also horrible. It all depended on when, where, and in what context of her life she was in. Perfect. Reflecting my own idea that most people are complicated, this book mirrored a very empathetic view of the people in Olive’s world. This is a full out character study with intertwined short stories of the different characters of a small New England coastal town. Being a New Englander myself, and knowing so many characters in real life, makes the book totally interesting to me. I guess they turned it into a miniseries on HBO, but I really have no interest in that since, the characters are so fully formed in my mind already! Loved it so much and cannot wait to read her newest, I am Lucy Barton, which I will read hopefully this fall too.

Glitter and Glue, Kelly Corrigan
I needed a quick read, and a light hearted one, and this no only fit the bill but surprised me, by how much I loved it. The author is at once funny, real and totally identifiable for me as a child of the eighties, all grown up and reflecting on her relationship as a parent, specifically her relationship with her mother. LOVE to recommend this, as I know many women can identify with feeling like the “glue” that holds the family together. Plus, she swears and I like that. Just saying. She would totally be a friend if I ever met her-It made me laugh and was super readable in 3 days. Record for my slow reading self.

Maine, J. Courtney Sullivan
Well…It looks like a quick beach read from the cover but it truly is not. A deep family drama of old hurts, and carried over bitterness, this one was hard for me. Just hard. I didn’t want to go to it. Books that make me depressed, well, I just can’t do sometimes. Yes, I can handle reality- See Olive Kitteridge above- but somehow Maine, just made me feel awful. Alcoholism and sibling fights as a main theme were tough. Essentially it’s a story about what happens within a family when the patriarch dies, to the spouse left behind and the family that was held together at one time, but have since let hurts destroy their relationships. It was just okay for me.

What have you read and loved lately?