What’s On Your Nightstand? May Edition

What's on your nightstand : May reading | Hardly A Goddess

Let’s talk about books!

I love talking books. I love hearing what other people love to read. While I can’t always be on top of by TBR (to be read) pile, I can dream about what I want to get to next- So here it goes!

Books reading in May:

Ummmm. The same one I was reading back in April! This guy:

It is a nice book- very enjoyable for a fantasy/historically fun fiction type of book. I am actually really liking it, but…It’s been a busy month, and I was under the weather for much of it! May has sort of flown-by, I feel, and if my reading is any indication, I have been pretty overwhelmed by it all! Here’s hoping June fares better!

I have been cooking a ton, so I will share with you one of my favorites that I could buy, but never have, but would totally recommend to anyone who hosts or brings food anywhere. So…I guess that could mean that I recommend it to anyone or everyone. Yes.

Not technically on a nightstand, but I feel that since I have been looking at it for 2 weeks, that I should put it down as a book that I’ve been reading, right?!

Books Listened to in May:

In the Unlikely Event, by Judy Blume

What's on your nightstand? May | Hardly A Goddess
Are you there God? It’s me, Barrie! I missed you Judy Blume! You sort of raised me alongside my parents of course, but I was not alone in adoring her books as a younger version of myself, and I was happy to finally read an adult book by one of my faves. She does not disappoint in this crazy story that she tells, based on the true events of 1952, where 3 planes crashed at the Newark airport within just a few months. While it may seem unlikely…it is. But the story is a wonderful account of the events as seen through many local viewpoints and how it affected their lives. I love when a book shows all kinds of ‘sides to the story’, and the book is set up in this way, introducing the narrator each time by name. Wonderful. Except if you are scared to fly. Then it’s not for you!

What’s lined up ready to finish and then start for June? These guys:

What's on your nightstand? May | Hardly A Goddess


What’s on YOUR nightstand? Comment below to share– I am not a book snob, clearly, so bring it on! I love hearing what’s out there: good, bad or ugly!

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2 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nightstand? May Edition

  1. ibeeeg

    The Golem and the Jinni, I own this book and want to read it but keep pushing it off for some reason. Good to know that you are liking the book.
    What Can I Bring? cookbook – well now that’s a book I could use. I am forever balled up in a knot when I have to figure out what to bring or make for a gathering. The knot isn’t so big or tight anymore because I am reaching a point in life where that kind of thing isn’t as huge to me (not that I am better at figuring out what to bring). If the cookbook could take some of the energy wasting mind activity away from me then it’s a good book. 😉

    I hope June is a better month for you, feeling under the weather stinks.

    1. hardlyagoddess@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you! It is a good book- just slow going, as it is crazy busy and I don’t prioritize reading like I should! I do love the cookbook! I have made several of her recipes and they all get big reviews! Lots are just for home though- not just party food~

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