Work Night Runs

Well it felt like 10 miles, but it was only 7! Boo Hiss! How am I going to do 6 more miles in 2 weeks? It took about an hour and 15 minutes. Erg! I felt really good though, and took walk breaks, but to be honest, running alone, without another person to chat with and without music is kind of boring. There, I said it. It is 1 hour too many in my own head, going over and then past my to-do list and online repeating mantras to get through the boring parts. Don’t get me wrong. I think I like running especially if it is in a beautiful setting or is a fun route, or with people to chat with. I may have to switch things up here if I ever want to run a marathon. How long could I do that alone? Ugh!

Perhaps a long run after a long day isn’t the best plan. My race is an evening one though, so I’d like to get acclimated to the time of day for running. It really was a perfect night tonight to run: not too hot, a cool breeze blowing, no kids crying for me. There. That is why I keep doing it. For the quiet, cool, and calm of it. Full circle post, I guess. Sometimes, I have to just talk it out I guess(harhar)!

Do you do any re-motivating tips to keep you going? What keeps you going when you just don’t feel like working out?