Workout for the Week: 5

Workout 13.1 -WEEK 5 (1)

Okay so this is a link to my workout for the next month or two. It looks like the one from my post last week, on a 13.1 plan.

It’s based on a mixture from two trainers, Hal Higdon, and Jeff Galloway.

Hal Higdon is a runner’s runner. He has plans for 5k, 10k, 15 and 18ks,half-marathon, and full marathon.  They give a range of novice 1, novice 2, intermediate, advanced, and walk.  Walk people. Love this option! If all else fails, I will walk! My plan last time was a little too much running, too fast, and my IT band flared, sabotoging my entire 4 next months of running.  I am trying to tone it down a bit this time, by more cross-training, walking, rolling on the foam roller, and stretching in general.  Working the core is huge to avoid leg injury too, so I am going to do more ab-work in general.

That said, the scaling back training that Jeff Galloway offers is a great incorporation of walking with my regular running routine.  For some background, Jeff Galloway is the official training program for RunDisney which has been my end goal for a marathon.  I would LOVE to run in Disney World with a friend… or 5! I think it would be so much fun to share a great goal like that in a fun surrounding like Disney.  Unfortunately, they are always filled up for registration 2 months before they even open them up! Terrifyingly bad.

So we will see how the half goes first. See how my body holds up, then plan for a marathon.  It is on the list of things to do before I leave this world (hate the term bucket-list, but this is essentially what I mean), so I will get it done at some point – sooner better than later!